Ursula Wienken’s „SUMMIT“

Pictures by Anna Ibelshäuser + Victor Gelling

Ursula Wienken’s „Summit“ unfolds in vocal electro-acoustic music.
Rooted in the rich traditions of Afro-American and Brazilian music, the quintet immerses themselves in a sincere and rhythmically captivating musical journey. Ursula’s compositions delicately explore the summits of fears, the beauty of new beginnings, the strength of empowerment, and the whimsical world of capybara

Band History:
In autumn 2022, I initiated this project as a means to liberate ourselves from the confines of jazz expectations and the pressures of the music scene. The objective was to create authentic music and to honor the kind of music that, in my opinion, deserves more attention. Teaming up with my accomplished fellow musicians from Cologne – Simon Bräumer on drums, Leon Hattori on Fender Rhodes, Merle Böwering on vocals, and Adrian Gallet on tenor saxophone – we ventured together to transcend musical genres, embrace traditions, and forge a distinctive voice of our own.


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